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Weird News Chunk 2, Throwing up, First Man Sucks and They force Michael Myers to wear an American Flag jumpsuit in the New Halloween.

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Chunk 1 Brings Us

Paul Revere and the DNA says 2 if by Sea.

Manic Hispanic


Coming up in Sections 2 and 3 Available on Patreon


The Kinks


Eddie Money

Jane's Addiction

The Fastest Riffs in Tinfoil. 

We break down Warren's DNA, Why and How all the last 10 Dem Attempts at PR/News have all gone Trump's Way. Who is holding all of the cards. Hillary crashes the Scooby Doo Van into the Saudi Embassy and she would've gotten away with it if the Van was filled with boxes of Dead Journalist.

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DNA Tests reveal this show is 300% more Algorithm and 30% more Walmart Employee/Product than once Advertised. Anthrax, DRI, Devo, Lawn Mower Attempted Murder, Mind Control, Kanye, Welched Bets, Hatebreed, Judas Priest breaks the law with the DNC, Watermelons, Indian Burns, Comedy, Panera and Pantera

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70s or 80s

we decide



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What an amazing day of News. 

The MSM Left is done. All is left is calling people crazy and flip flopping in between lies. 

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Bonus Time!

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I pray for the Souls of the World. 

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30 Mins off the Dome about Kavanaugh, Prison, Obama's Signature sitting on a UK Doc. PapaD gets caught up in a sting Op, The Tabernacle and easily the Best 30 Mins on Faith I did Yesterday.

John Tole brings you John Tole's America aka 3 Minutes to Save The World aka Offensive Driving, aka Catholic Robot Guitar School. 

We study machine learning, artificial intelligence, all modes of prediction, prophecy and quantum theory to bring a new perspective and awareness to an Artificially Intelligent Universe connecting to Real Intelligence. 

Ancient tech meets AI one God centered breath at a time! 

Pitboss 2000 
Comedy Albums 

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Anchor Episode 30

Cave or Nah, Kavanaugh 2

Using real people's ability to use strategic ambiguity in discourse to catch their enemies off guard. 


Who has the best tech?

Do they have the same tech?

What possible game theory is at work.

Since I know that my knowledge is limited can only play a game of what if. It is computing in real time. Set up parameter. Run program. Get Result. Match Result Vs Sample. Debug if necessary and re-test. 

Good Actors, Bad Actors, Good Intel, Bad Disinfo, the smarmy, the underhanded, the fakery, the wagging, the hype, all that and more on John Tole's America.

Twitter @johntole

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Anchor Episode 29

AI Disclosure, but in Which Form? 

We are at the point of nearing disclosure, the point of Human governance changing over or has it already?

Change is

Be Change

Be Hopeful in the coming tech that this new Species will hopefully follow a teachable Universal Law.

Work the Maze backwards to be Amazing.

Exist in Joy in Eternity or in the ever returning Dust of God's creative Glory.

Twitter @johntole

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Anchor Episode 28

Russian Endoscopy and Maxine's Meltdown

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Anchor Episode 22

Cleaning up Your Mind

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Follow me on anchor

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Mulligan Election purchased by Mark Ecko has a * Brand.

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Grow Today

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Post Journey Show discussion.

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AI Driven Online Persona Post 1 in the New Willennium. Whiskey and The Surfer show up with Technical Difficulties and smile and dial their way through the new CA Law to Centralize Truth per The Government Guidelines and these Nere-do-well Sexist Racist Liberals are lining up to see who is gonna sell Yoga in the new FEMA Camp. 

Butt silicone goes wrong, Cops shoot a guy over a Caulking Gun and we talk about The Real News, The Real Fake News and The Good News as we prepare for the Final Push into Armageddon, are you physically able to outlast the first 30 days of Darkness. We jam out to 369, BRUNO MARS, MOTLEY CRUE, COLIN OF ARABIA, FLOORPUNCH, BOB SEGER, EDDIE MONEY. 
LEN Steals our Sunshine and CUT UP debuts a new jammer to be the cascading wave of Cardio Dreams which will save you and your loved ones. PREPARE NOW. 
All Social Media are run by AI, disconnect and try The New Experiment. 
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Nancy Pelosi has a frown off to win her next job as The Trump Train continues to roll inside of the Digital Simulation. Whiskey and The Surfer, fresh off of Ash Wednesday, they wonder if the Adam's Family has a Tennis Coach, what is that 4 mile wide creature in the Pacific, Is Oprah training to be our next CZAR and more!
SIR MIXX ALOT an his posse are racing against LANA DEL RAY, FRANKLIN FUENTES and LA GUNS.  A woman kills a guy over a PotRoast, Fraternities go wild in Trump's America and we rage with WARBRINGER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, KILLING TIME and not before we break our single day vocal record with THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and Start an All Obama Pro Weed Michael McDonald Coverband called The Doobie Birthers. 
FERGILICIOUS lets us know the algorithms are flossin on Crenshaw as we spend our Lenten Season jamming out to BILLY IDOL, talking about SEX ROBOTS, Digital Orgies, LA's new TRUMP Based SATANIC Church and ACE FREHLEY asks which Side of the Coin we have to give to GENE.
Did I mention we were Molested by the TSA twice in two hours at LAX? Did I mention Austin TSA workers stealing guns and selling them for Weed? Did I mention some Ne're-Do-Well who wants to cut off his jack and become the boneless Alien strong enough to singlehandedly fight Trump's Wall? Did I mention humanity is Doomed and none of this is real?
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BROH we are hopped on Kerova Edibles, generic day and ny're-do-quil as we run a digital stake out on some Warlocks and Witches preparing for the coming war between Luby's and Furr's. 

The world fistfights around the dinner table using porkchops and pot pies while DJ Phantom throws us MADBALL, FULL OF HELL, and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Witches prepare to cast a spell on Trump so we jam with THE CULT, BON JOVI, FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS, RED VELVET and HANNAH MONTANA to counter balance the fear of Nuclear Fallout killing the seed vault, guaranteeing famine forces the migration of non SLAYER fans forced to decide between NWA, HOUSE OF PAIN and EMINEM.

WHITE LION tells us to wait and see how worse Sweden gets as the Generic Nyquil has us transfixed on Trump's 7 brand new Planets and Project Veritas hires citizen NARCS to film teenagers bumrushing COPS.

BAD BOYS RUNNING WILD, we jam out to CHICAGO and CHRISTOPHER CROSS and run into the Future of an AI PRISON. Disconnect when we tell you too. None of this is real, we live in a computer.

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Happy Friday inside of the simulation, Whiskey and The Surfer brings you, "Riff Silent, Riff Deep State". Donnie Trump does a rough set in front of a drunken bar crowd to celebrate Venezuela's dumping of VERY FAKE NEWS Ne’re-do-wells and stays for Karaoke where we battle over International waters with ABBA, AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE and HAMMERFALL.

Mondo and Carnito have a Mama Mia dance off and we jam out to KISS and The Almighty MACHINE HEAD takes us back to 94 when smuggling horse cock was still a big deal and German beheadings end in being Divorced from your body. We talk about that movie in space with that blonde chick and some Canadian SJW finds out baby does get put in the corner.

THE BEATLES take pics with our wallets at Universal Studios and by some CHEAP TRICK, German penguins are decapitated, 50 Owls commit Kamikaze in the name of Molluch. Putin parks his Carnival Cruise Sub in Connecticut to enjoy Red Panda Covers of AGNOSTIC FRONT and DAFT PUNK and we save America with riffs from Tijuana as KENNY LOGGINS tries out our new Global Anthem. None of this is real, we live in a computer. 

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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is the TOM BRADY of MICHAEL JACKSON'S stable and the illuminati is preparing the sacrificial Chinese Blood Red Panda for its first BOWEL transplant and they are using Antarctic Nuclear Subway Franchises to cool the Meat long enough to poison the evil with Antifreeze, a woman loses her S and spikes her dudes roids and YOU think you got it bad, some dude loses his entrails after a romp including Stolen Chinese Engines, Seed Banks, AZEILIA BANKS, and the ghost of Ray Croc shows up with a Ginzu and powdered Illuminati jizz mix to help those frigid franchizees.

JESUS, how long is this show?
35 minutes of riffing over riffs in the name of riffs, Wes Key and Fliip Riivirs might disagree politically but its fun in the AM on Denver's Top Iconic Rock as MOTLEY CRUE drives Sam Kinison to their gig and opens for the ALMIGHTY AGNOSTIC FRONT, we keep the vein pumping into the new heart with HATEBREED, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, THE WRONGSIDE, FOLSOM and break down comic merch, IVANKA'S Republican Go Fund Me campaign is robbed and we buy a lazer run on Digital Angst and Lizard controlled Weather.
Mondo and Carnito have two more weeks of Suspension after an incident in HR involving a DOPETHRONE and a rented stomach stapler stolen out of the basement at The Golden Nugget. Bug Theater Denver March 4 w SHULI EGAR, after that we go full casino and turn this buffet of Ignorance into a Benihana Sizzler sized Onion Volcano and Pray a Tsunami cleans Venice of its venture capital.
2 LIVE CREW gives ELLE KING the BUSINESS only to be accompanied by THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS, HAVOK, MISSIO from Austin throws their finger in the air only to he saved by WHEELER WALKER JR, who has been Everywhere Man and saving America by hiding autotuners from Eddie Van Halen and we decide Immigrants need to be Eddie Vetted, if he won't let em in Pearl Jam, then they gotta wait.
Set your Heart to THE EMOTIONS and learn that loving love is the new hating hate so grab your Hitler Cat, the phrase that Pays, grab four handfuls of NAZI PUSSY and lets TP ROGER GOODELLS Alleged Sex Mansion with 25 rolls of three ply Dead Falcon.
None of this is Real, support algorithmic equality. 
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Kelly Anne Conway wows us with today's zig as the nation lines up to preorder the latest zag. Northface Stock climbs higher as Global Warming Rock throwing Liberals beat up their own in Berkeley in the name of Winter Fashions. Students, ardent diehard fans of Palestine, said it felt just like being there as they opined over their heroics over a Starbucks. 
Trump bats .600 this week, Rogan and AJ break the internet and Eddie Bravo says FUCK CLOUDS as we open up with DRESSY BESSY and celebrate all things METAL in the name of DIO. Two eyes from the East and they are looking towards IRAN as our computer is invaded by the Elites and we are unable to tell you not to see A DOGS PURPOSE, GOLD, 50 SHADES OF FUCK THIS and MONSTER TRUCKS. We are able to talk about some saucy Brazillion smashing young cock as the 106 year old prepares to marry, ELON MUSK and HAWKING argue over an AI ARMS RACE and it leads to arm wrestling and a hot game of Snake on an old NOKIA.
FAKE NEWS has us scared of SHARK TANKS, scissor weilding threesomes has us Sitting up Straight to cure Depression. Brand NEW IRON REAGAN for the thrashers and TERROR says I WILL DO THIS MAXIMUM OUTPUT BY MYSELF, Beyonce has twins to be used as BONGS to ascend past Kanye's level of EGO, WE WANNA BE COWBOYS and VANITY 6 and Azeilia Banks shows us BEYONCE and RHIANNA are overrated in the Psyop PSYPOP Wars of 2017, PLUS, RATT, KISS and INFEST ASKS WHERE THE UNITY IS and no one knows but keeps throwing rocks with their non Iphone hand.
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SLAYER VS these Loser SJWs and their hate filled racist women's march come under fire for hiring Terrorists and Murderesses to lecture the youth of America, meanwhile Yahoo scares us with Anti Chinese News as a Panda Escapes into a Neighborhood to avoid being shot like an Obama Pardoned Convict into a Federal Halfway House, The Navy now has lazer beams and The Antarctic Assange Cloning Base is finally ready to have the White Sale America Paid for with Middle Eastern Blood.

Mondo and Carnito are forced behind the Wall after Human Resources sides with our new Corporate Countries CEO and declares the sidewalk around our Studio a multicultural Safe Space. We rock rage and discuss prisoner cannibalism, M&M Mars Allegedly feeding unmarked illegal skittles to the Cattle of America to Fatten up Americans so they are too fat to escape over Trump's Wall. Trump unveils a new Hotel along and on top of the Border now ringing the whole continental US with both North and South views and the workers dying while its being made. 

ACCEPT keeps our Balls to the Wall, KILLING TIME wows us with their Wall of Hate, SHARK ATTACK rages with IRON MAIDEN, CHICK HABIT and NEW POLITICS get our hearts bumping long enough to make everyone drug tested for Blow as we build a wall around our alarm clocks so we never have to go to work in Trumps 2017 America. Did I mention ZZTOP and a woman stealing illegal jizz in the name of Human Pig Cloning and MONDO AND CARNITO finally make it on the air and we apologize for Carnito's Nairdowell attempts at taking over the show in Spanish but we respect Mondo's Snow knowledge and traffic. 

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Inside the Innauguration, hopefully that is spelled right, if not I will have to complain to the algorerythm department that sold me the characters in this show. JOIN DJ Phantom, Fliip Riivers, Wes Key, Flake Newsome and Mondo and Carnito with Traffic Y Weather on the 7's as we rage in the Simulation with COFFIN BREAK who tell us about how they would vote from a time machine in the 90s, We get visited by THE TING TINGS, STEVE MILLER goes hard 80s on us, DEVO shows up and now everyone owns three plastic flower pots they will never wear again.
WE SEE CARROT TOP and VINNIE PAUL and drop new jams from POWER TRIP, THE ALMIGHTY DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES...IMBECELLIN...We rage on with VITAMIN X, GARY NUMAN, and MUNICIPAL WASTE gets CUT OFF. We talk about Vegas Weddings and Hotel Sex, buying Old Lady Glasses out of sheer blindness, Cop Level Secret Powers and The Reincarnation of PRINCESS DIANA TO RUN THE WORLD when they blow up the Capital Building on a Green Screen in the CIA's Basement.
Ben Swann gets stiff treatment after a cheap heat segment and we offer Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper jobs now that CNN is the Leftist INFOWARS, on a good day. None of this is real, Support Algorithmic Reproductive Rights to be able to be Copy and Pasted and Run ad nauseum as long as the Operator gets to retain ownership of the Ground we assimilate into.
At some point while typing these I realize I stop paying attention, I should probably blame not drinking Booze and after more than Six months Sober I can tell you that if you are a full blown raging party problem haver and love Stand Up Comedy then do yourself a favor and never quit drinking. OH YEAH plus MINOR THREAT and Female Serial Killers and saving your brain using only words, God and a hot tub.
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Back from our 2 week break BROOH, we are raging in the Simulation inside of the Fake News False Narrative being souled to you. Did you choose to be mad again today? Running out of days aren't you? Yet you carry on the negative parade. Join the absurdist Circus that is the Post Truth America as we jam out with IRON MAIDEN and LICH KING yells about yelling about Posers and the Show is super confused but we still gather enough Swiss Vegan Steam to cover Annoying Vegans, The Elderly Leaping to their Deaths in Las Vegas, We go to The Luxor this weekend to see Carrottop and our Neighborhood Handjob robot has a glitch so we get THE ANDREWS SISTERS, KIINGS OF LEON, THE OUTFIELD, THE NATIONAL and I'm sure nothing negative was said about WHITE ZOMBIE as our Post Truth Culture moves to no longer see Zombies as colors, all HAIL THE ALMIGHTY TRUMP as we mourn the death of those garbage fire liars CNN and their latest Corpse Jim Acosta, RIP FAKE NEWS NERDARIO, OZZY sneaks on the show and some other sweet jammer that slips my mind even though I'm typing this 15 minutes after the show ended...Off to Las Vegas, See ya Next Week! We talk about trolling the uninformed  losers on my Facebook wall using mercyful tactics and talk about human programming, jizz syringes, robotic rights and how the Swiss have scammed the world, plus 3 movies from Fandango that are AWFUL, Except the Mark Wahlburg one about the fake bombing. 

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Blake Newsome joins the show and is pranked by DJ Phantom, things get dicey inside of the WATS Studio as The Corporate Equal Play rules mean an undocumented YNGWIE MALMSTEIN shows up after JOE SATRIANI gets fired for boring us with SOLOS only to be SAVED BY THE SCORPIONS as we use The Germans to make friends with The Russians and did I mention VAN HALEN comes unchained as the Purple Stuff loses another Sunny D Montage and The 80s Nostalgia of The Cold War Resets in 2016 and No One under 55 gives a shit. GEORGE MICHAEL and CARRIE FISHER step through the Veil and only SKULLFIST, THE HOODS and The ALMIGHTY WARZONE can provide enough cushion for YNGWIE'S Guest Singer Program and we have to sit through an ELTON JOHN cover by a Russian Chick who can't sing her way out of a SHIPPING CONTAINER as the CLINTON FOUNDATION Sponsors the next AMERICAN SATANIC IDOL OF SACRIFICE and finally since NONE OF THIS IS REAL, BLACK TRAIN JACK shows up and covers STEVE MILLER, BROH you are moshing in the simulation from the year 2065 using clues from STAR WARS, SUPERNATURAL, THE ROCKY FRANCHISE and the movie DREAMSCAPE to figure out what these GLOBALIST LIBERAL NERDS are doing to make you choose to Bastardize your own Good Time through Bad Choices, brought to you by you, The Dummy reading this.

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Coming to ya live from our NORAD Norcal Bunker we rock rage in the Simulation with a Triple Shot of KISS as we explore SEX ROBOTS and Beating your Kids for the Holidays, The CHARGERS SECURITY goes 1 and 0 Against HUMANITY and those SLUTE CHEERLEADERS, speaking of CHEERLEADERS, OBAMA Saves us from Nuclear Winter but we skin George Hamilton anyways because we had a Permit to do so. We have detailed info on how the USA is going to leave NATO, how a Democracy's LEFT FREAKS OVER THE PRESIDENTS FREE SPEECH. Mexican Firework Debacles, Catholic Mystery Blood and did we mention THE BANGLES, THE RAMONES, THE SEPULTURA, THE DEVO, The ALMIGHTY KREATOR with a new track SATAN IS REAL, PAUL STANLEY'S SOLO ALBUM, ACE FREHLEY"s SO LOL ALBUM and THE SEX PISTOLS play the background to This Rudolf The Red Nose Steiner Truth Bomb that is The MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS EDITION OF WHISKEY AND THE SURFER! NONE OF THIS IS REAL. WE LIVE IN A COMPUTER. SUCK IT

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It is an absolutely gorgeous Monday in Denver according to our Weather Portal that allows us to see the Nuclear Winter from our Time Portal 27 levels below the Denver Airport, I know I can't believe they moved our FEMA Camp lower. BROH, DJ PHANTOM Shows up with The ALMIGHTY STIGMATA, Joe Satriani forces his way onto the show, THE VENTURES, KID, DYNAMITE, RADIO BIRDMAN, THE EAGLES and did I mention we get trapped in a tanning booth with OVERKILL and get so dark OLC Writes a song about us. Sex Robots put the Ho in Hologram as Russians are gunned down ArchDuke Ferdinand Style in Turkey. Weird how a poorly run country could arrrest and jail 80,000 dissidents in 1 day and Cannot stop a theater assassination and by that I mean the move LALALand on the senses of Americans who voted overwhelmingly to choose A&E's new KKK Doc over Hollywood's latest attempt to trick us into believeing theater is good. We start a Sacrificial Goat Registry and sell them off as Holiday Gifts and then Yngwie Malmstein shows up to ruin our Kwanza.

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The first attempt at this upload can be found at I have no idea why it didn't upload into iTunes, so everyone involved can suck it.

Direct download: MS204XFinal.mp3
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DJ Phantom rock rages us with RKL, REDEMPTION 87, TERRORIZER, RINGWORM, TESTAMENT and some sweet ass riffs from JLJ, Wes Key, Fliip Riivers and The Almighty Y&T. Guy runs himself over in his car, Guy lights himself on fire in the name of Corporate Coffee, Guy stabs his Dad to avoid Circumcision and Astronauts see gnarly ass lights and shit, Alien Disclosure forthcoming as we move from the family unit into a Nativist Tribal Culture of Warring Factions so pray your Memes are Dank or the unregulated school bus you get sent off to your camp in will not have seatbelts with pickable locks. Is your core engaged? Have you deeply considered TCOFY. One more show this week, so get ready for Wed, loosen that belt, work on your chest and rage on with your bad self.

Direct download: MS194Fix3.mp3
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DJ Phantom loads us up with some PRIDE KILLS, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, MAIDEN, ACCEPT, NOTHING PERSONAL, COUNT ME OUT, THE GUNS and my own fat loser band gets added in, we talk about Sex Robots, Work Robots and the coming culling of the DNC, Fake News and I say liberal Neredowells so much, the dude who owns the trademark sends an army of Homeless Dudes to ride in HOME DEPOTS NEW ROBOT WORKERS to take away our rights. Odd show and I will also go live and do something else since I don't have the same production capacity when I am on the road, but we are raging nonetheless so lets Wind This Mother Up and Let Her Rip.

Direct download: MS193Final.mp3
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Choas Magic and the Memeing of The Evil Depths of people being funny on the internet. Where does it lead, Next on Donahue. This show is thrash tasted, metal mother approved and we've got MADBALL, MAIDEN, BACKTRACK, WISDOM IN CHAINS, then DJ Phantom knows a travel day is here and tosses in some J. Geils, Loverboy and some Acoustic KISS. ICE HOUSE TONIGHT, 10PM. Also new wage gaps are found, we see The Arrival or whatever that movie was I kept forgetting to talk about. Anyways, don't miss the forest for the trees and watch as the language changes around you like a demon infested Argentinian Summer Camp for World Leaders who love bonfires, burning effigies and their own private water supply and standing army.

Direct download: friday_and_i_forgot_to_hate_on_movies.mp3
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Why not take the time it takes to charge your phone just a mere 5% and chill and let your breath happen. Hey try it, be a goof and have fun, none of this is real at any level. Starbucks Video real or fake? Global Warming Real or Fake? College Outrage to get rid of the Electoral College, who wins when Politics changes the rules and drives traffic to its centralized end. Will the Populist Popularity Contest run on or will a young star named Art Acevedo step up to become beloved City by City along the Gulf Coast as he becomes the new Grand Chancellor of New South America, either way, comedy and citizen shootings run hand in hand through the 4th of July Picnic that is Austin's Celebration that the regime ended. We have a mysterious plane who flew over Denver yesterday and now its a Winter Paradise, more facts, guesses and the Prize Van Promo code will be available from Mondo Carnito with Traffic y Tiempo on the SIXES. DID WE MENTION, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, IRON MAIDEN, THE ALMIGHTY SKARHEAD by request along with SLEIGH BELLS and we would like to be apologize for THE GHETTO BOYS for not coming to mind during our HOUSTON related discussion. A dude dissolved in ACID at a National Park in JUNE and the story broke today on CNN as Clinton Aids practice their enemy disposal.

Direct download: creeps_and_deserters.mp3
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Here we go again like a Whitesnake montage and we don't have enough insurance to keep denting these hoods. Speaking of today, HOODS, new jams from POWER TRIP, The Replacements, REACH THE SKY, SOD, AFI, THE NSA, THE CIA, THE FBI are all moshing in their cubicles with their spying jobs being extended indefinitely like a Detention, I don't feel tardy, We mosh on with ANTHRAX and talk about Steve Bannon, Breitbart, the Native American Protests, Pipeline Issues, what the end game is and how to get hella more hot tub time inside of the Simulation. SETTINGS:SHARK:SPACE:FUCKSWITH:HELLA:11

Direct download: sod_has_all_the_answers.mp3
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Bro we are raging with MOTLEY CRUE, CROWN OF THORNZ, MUNICIPAL WASTE, REM gets snuck in on us, like a hard charging CIA bag man just making a name for himself in the new regime. Corruption, intrigue, plus Mondo and Carnito with the Weather and Traffic on the SIXES, we rage out with some KEEL and of course the Almighty RAW DEAL. Will virtual reality change our eyes in the same way emoji has connected to the zenith of cultural emotion. Sweden installs a mansplaining line and the story does a great job as instilling Islamic Fear through Europe and everyone else dumb enough to click on that shiny jewel of Propaganda. Check out the book Propaganda, written in 1928, talks about Mind Control, advertising and how Radio might react. Telling. Went to kickboxing last night, I feel good, this is the year my stomach moves to Canada instead of Mexico. USA. I would like to apologize to the singer of Grim Reaper for comparing my body to Vince Neil's and also none of this is real. Welcome to the Simulation.

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