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Mulligan Election purchased by Mark Ecko has a * Brand.

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Grow Today

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Post Journey Show discussion.

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We talk Oprah and The Donald. The Point of being. How to nagivate today's current weaponized propaganda and super sized emotional drivers that make the consumers consume. Paleo life, comedy and water skiiing squirrels.


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New year, new diet, no fucks given in the dangerzone of reality as JLJ invades the kitchen inside of the Fortress of Gratitude and we learn how to make ribs and apples for the slow cooker. Already down 4 lbs per last weigh in and so far the body is responding well to zero sugar, zero processed foods and zero flour. I feel great. 


Black coffee was a few day ordeal to manage but cmon, if that's the worst thing going. I'm doing pretty damn awesome. 


Still sober, still no prons, enjoying Father Al Lauer's daily Bread at 

amazing tool for discernment and to explore your own Path of Faith as we walk each home into the light!


Shows have been updated on the site and proud to announce!

Jan 23-27 Loonees Comedy Corner Colorado Springs

April 23-30 Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas Nevada!

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Lets get real.

come join us at the Patreon at

Bonus Episodes, Teases, Bloopers, Fan Zines and more available! 

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AI Driven Online Persona Post 1 in the New Willennium. Whiskey and The Surfer show up with Technical Difficulties and smile and dial their way through the new CA Law to Centralize Truth per The Government Guidelines and these Nere-do-well Sexist Racist Liberals are lining up to see who is gonna sell Yoga in the new FEMA Camp. 

Butt silicone goes wrong, Cops shoot a guy over a Caulking Gun and we talk about The Real News, The Real Fake News and The Good News as we prepare for the Final Push into Armageddon, are you physically able to outlast the first 30 days of Darkness. We jam out to 369, BRUNO MARS, MOTLEY CRUE, COLIN OF ARABIA, FLOORPUNCH, BOB SEGER, EDDIE MONEY. 
LEN Steals our Sunshine and CUT UP debuts a new jammer to be the cascading wave of Cardio Dreams which will save you and your loved ones. PREPARE NOW. 
All Social Media are run by AI, disconnect and try The New Experiment. 
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Nancy Pelosi has a frown off to win her next job as The Trump Train continues to roll inside of the Digital Simulation. Whiskey and The Surfer, fresh off of Ash Wednesday, they wonder if the Adam's Family has a Tennis Coach, what is that 4 mile wide creature in the Pacific, Is Oprah training to be our next CZAR and more!
SIR MIXX ALOT an his posse are racing against LANA DEL RAY, FRANKLIN FUENTES and LA GUNS.  A woman kills a guy over a PotRoast, Fraternities go wild in Trump's America and we rage with WARBRINGER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, KILLING TIME and not before we break our single day vocal record with THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and Start an All Obama Pro Weed Michael McDonald Coverband called The Doobie Birthers. 
FERGILICIOUS lets us know the algorithms are flossin on Crenshaw as we spend our Lenten Season jamming out to BILLY IDOL, talking about SEX ROBOTS, Digital Orgies, LA's new TRUMP Based SATANIC Church and ACE FREHLEY asks which Side of the Coin we have to give to GENE.
Did I mention we were Molested by the TSA twice in two hours at LAX? Did I mention Austin TSA workers stealing guns and selling them for Weed? Did I mention some Ne're-Do-Well who wants to cut off his jack and become the boneless Alien strong enough to singlehandedly fight Trump's Wall? Did I mention humanity is Doomed and none of this is real?
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BROH we are hopped on Kerova Edibles, generic day and ny're-do-quil as we run a digital stake out on some Warlocks and Witches preparing for the coming war between Luby's and Furr's. 

The world fistfights around the dinner table using porkchops and pot pies while DJ Phantom throws us MADBALL, FULL OF HELL, and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Witches prepare to cast a spell on Trump so we jam with THE CULT, BON JOVI, FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS, RED VELVET and HANNAH MONTANA to counter balance the fear of Nuclear Fallout killing the seed vault, guaranteeing famine forces the migration of non SLAYER fans forced to decide between NWA, HOUSE OF PAIN and EMINEM.

WHITE LION tells us to wait and see how worse Sweden gets as the Generic Nyquil has us transfixed on Trump's 7 brand new Planets and Project Veritas hires citizen NARCS to film teenagers bumrushing COPS.

BAD BOYS RUNNING WILD, we jam out to CHICAGO and CHRISTOPHER CROSS and run into the Future of an AI PRISON. Disconnect when we tell you too. None of this is real, we live in a computer.

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